Dr. Kulani Machaba, AFSTA President

Message from AFSTA President – Dr Kulani Machaba

On behalf of the Board and the Secretariat, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the AFSTA 24th Annual Congress. This meeting will be held in the wonderful city of Mombasa.

The congress is that platform that enables seed people from all over Africa and beyond to network and exchange ideas on what the current situations portend to the future of seed trade and production.

The annual AFSTA congresses provides great opportunities for the seed industry stakeholders to network and trade, and also to provide information on the latest policy developments that have the potential to impact seed trade activities in Africa.

We believe that when professionals meet together in such in person forums, they are able to share experiences as well as predict and influence where they want the seed sector to be in the coming years.

In this congress, we will discuss, among other issues the state of implementation of the harmonized seed trade policies and regulations by member States, as well as the Africa Free Trade agreement and its potential impact on the Seed Industry. We will do this because AFSTA remains relentless in advocating for improvement of the seed trade within Africa, a key mandate for the association. 

We take pride that our congresses attract several high profile delegates from Africa and globally. The 2024 Congress will be another exceptional opportunity to market high quality products.

Besides we invite you to showcase your products and services by booking an exhibition booth, and advertise in the African Seed Magazine usually distributed on line and to the congress delegates. In addition, there will be exclusive reserved trading tables for delegates trade negotiations as well as the pad advert on AFSTA’s homepage ww.afsta.org.

Apart from the main business of discussions on seed matters, Kenya deserves a spot on everyone’s travel list. Its palm fringed beaches, colourful cities and a reputation for world class hospitality makes the country a tempting sanctuary. Located at the westernmost point of the African continent, Kenya is known as the ‘Gateway to Africa’ and has been welcoming travelers from Europe and the Americas for centuries.

Mombasa is not only one of the continent’s and most accessible cities but it is also a city blessed with a rich culture, white sandy beaches and makes it easy to travel to some of the best wild-life spotting opportunities anywhere in Africa.

Welcome to Mombasa! Welcome to AFSTA Annual Congress 2024 and enjoy the warm sandy crystal beaches of magical Kenya. May it be a fruitful one for all of you and may all its aspects be a source of happiness and benefit to you and your companies.